public health training

in preparation for our return to campus, students, faculty and staff are required to participate in a series of training modules to raise awareness around issues that will ensure a safe and healthy semester this fall.

begin the training

each module is divided into sections; some will include links to outside web content, videos and even ted talks to help you explore the topics in interesting ways. everyone is required to complete all of the modules. completing the modules includes reading the material and answering a few questions at the end. you will need to receive a 100% on the assessment questions at the end of the module in order for it to be considered complete. you can submit your answers as many times as you need to earn the 100% required to advance to the next module.

there are seven modules in total—six of which will include quiz questions at the end:

  • introduction (no quiz questions)
  • module 1: issues in healthcare
  • module 2: mental health and awareness
  • module 3: basics of public health
  • module 4: science of a virus
  • module 5: what you need to know and do for safety
  • module 6: leaders in our community
  • module 7: additional resources (no quiz questions)

instructions for completing the modules

first-year students will need their network credentials (username and password) to access the modules on moodle. your credentials were sent in an email with the subject “your albion email, network id, and password.” refer to that email if you can’t remember them.

returning students, staff and faculty will use their network credentials (username and password).

if you need to reset your password, please click the following link: //

if you continue to have trouble logging in, please email .